The Danish Girl and me 

When I saw the trailer for “The Danish Girl” I was intrigued, I really wanted to see it but I missed it at the cinema.

So while I waited for the DVD, I brought the book.

Written by David Ebershoff it’s is a story based on truth.

It’s the story of Einar and Greta, their lives, love and Lili Elbe.

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The Rose and the Crown


“Hey Becky, fancy coming along to see a play at the Rose theatre on the 18th?”

Well the answer to that is yes please!

When I found out it was Shakespeare, I was a very happy girl!

I’m not going to lie, I could never really get into Shakespeare at school and I find it very hard to read, but a couple of years ago I was taken to see Love’s, Labours, Lost.

I was hooked.

I am still new to Shakespeare but after seeing King John at the Rose theatre it has definitely made my love for Shakespeare grow.

This is definitely one of Shakespeare’s more heavy plays, there is a lot of dialogue but with the great acting and stage setting, I was drawn in.

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To blog or not to blog? (sorry Shakespeare)

I wasn’t sure how to start my first blog.

I wasn’t even sure I could do it, I think I must have written and deleted a hundred drafts.

I suppose the first thing I should write about is why I want to start blogging?

The answer is simple really, I love books!

When I read a book, I am bursting with so many thoughts and opinions and love for the characters, that I just want to share them with whoever will listen (which I’m sure drives some of my friends crazy!).

One day when I was out having coffee (well hot chocolate) with a wonderful friend of mine (and amazing blogger) Emma Kay. ( I was telling her about a book I had just read, telling her all about the characters and the story, when she suggested that maybe I should  start a blog.

She said she could tell that I have a love for books just by the way I was talking and that a blog would be a great way to share that.

Now I knew Emma blogged but I never thought that I could do it, but with her encouragement and kind words, a seed was sown.

Maybe I could do it?

I’m not going to lie, even with the encouragement of Emma, it took me a while to stop procrastinating and give it a try. Continue reading