The Small faces with a BIG story. 



When I saw the email that bloggers were needed to review a musical, I didn’t even hesitate to say yes!

  1. It’s a musical
  2. It’s at the Hawth

I was a bit worried at first because I didn’t know the music or the history of The Small Faces, but after a quick google, I decided to just go, enjoy it and see what happens.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry!

Brilliantly narrated by Chris Simmons (older Steve) I was able to follow the bands journey.It’s the 1960’s and we were about to witness the formation of the band (made up of Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones, Jimmy Winston, later replaced by Ian McLagan).

The Small Faces were formed.

They had great success, but they never quite got to play the music they wanted to play, they never got to see the rewards.

They experienced big highs and incredible lows (not seeing a penny from any of their songs or tours).

The record company they were signed to used them for their own gain and threaten anyone who tried to poach the boys away, they were trapped.

The band slowly turned against each other, wanting different things.

When they finally managed to change record companies, nothing changed they still didn’t get to see the results of their work.

The musical touches briefly on their personal life but sticks more to the band and their journey.

The songs are amazing, the band (played by Mark Newnham, Joshua Dowen, Joshua Maddison and Drew-Levi Huntsman) are brilliant!

They can play/sing and act!

The Voice of Mark Newnham, is just great, I’m a sucker for a rocker voice and he has it.

We have appearances from Sonny & Cher, Dusty Springfield and Tony Blackburn to name a few.

It all helped to set the scene that we had gone back in time, we really had gone back to the 60’s.

The set was simple yet effective.

All the cast and crew should be very pleased with what they have created, it’s full of fun, emotion and music!

It really shows the down side to fame, you get to see what really goes on. It’s not all glitz and glam. These boys got screwed over by their record company, to which the royalties are only just being sorted out now.

Fame really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

I loved that as the band slowly descended into drink/drugs so did older Steve, we saw him go down with the band. It was very effective!

The end scene between Kay (Carol Harrison) and older Steve (Chris Simmons) was one of my favourite parts, it saw them having one last mother/son conversation that got me right in the heart.

Why couldn’t he just listen to his mum?

I’m not ashamed to say I cried, it was such an emotionally charged moment that I didn’t see coming, we had all this energy and music, then it was just them.

It just came right out of nowhere.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who is going to see it but I am glad that the cast all came out on stage and we had a mini concert before we left, I needed it!

All or nothing is going on tour and I suggest you go and see it. Whether you know the songs or not it’s a good night out and you never know you may, like me, come out a fan!

I think this musical has the potential to become quite successful and I wish it lots of luck for the future!

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