It’s the little things in life….

“Live for what you want to become, as you cannot please everyone”

“Like all storms this too shall pass”

“Go big or go home”

“Never let the sun go down on an argument”

“You can waste time but you can’t make time”

I have always had a little voice in my head, constantly speaking, telling me that I shouldn’t do things, that I should stay in, don’t try anything new.

Why you watching that? Why you wearing that? You can’t do that? Etc etc……

It’s part of me, sometimes I hear it and have arguments with it and most of the time it’s just there and I don’t hear it at all, I’m listening to it without realising.

That is what is happening right now, my little voice is trying to talk me out of doing this blog.

Since Saturday I have wanted to do it, I have wanted to write something and release it on Mental health awareness day (Time to talk day). I have sat for days thinking about what I should write and how I should word it and each time I talk myself out of it.

But here I am!

I want this blog to be a happy blog, a positive one, full of wonderful quotes and little things that make you smile. Continue reading