Love Me Tinder – Nicola May

Grab a glass of wine and join Cali as she enters the weird and wonderful world of Tinder!

Cali Summers has just spilt up with her husband, the one she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with, but here she is left out on her own having to start again.

It’s scary, the dating world but to think you have found the one and then to have to start all over again? Where do you start? 

But with encouragement from her friends and after a few glasses of wine, Cali joins Tinder and the madness starts, from terrible dates and quick fumbles to full on passion, Cali experiences it all!

Nicola May manages to get across the disasters of dating but also the fun that can come with it, it has humour, it has tears, it has passion.

I mean Cali really does have some major disasters, but its a journey that she must travel.

We also meet Cali’s best friend Annie, who is in a seemingly happy marrriage with a beautiful baby, life is perfect, right? No, we see the wobbles of a woman who is feeling insecure after having a child and where that can take you. 

This book isn’t just showing you the scary side of dating and being single but also the ups and downs of marriage.

We see Marcus, who is also “happily married” but turns out to be in a bit of a mess himself.

There is the worries of Louise. The happy go lucky Adam, who just happily skips through dating without a care, finding amusement in all Cali’s dating disaster stories.

Then there is Jamie the ex husband, who really discovers what it’s like to have your cake and eat it too, and that maybe the grass is not always greener.

All the characters show a different side to dating and love, how it’s different for all of us. I like that we are all different and we all deal with things differently but in the end we all have to go through the scary world of dating! 

In the end though, it’s all about Cali, who goes from shy girl to vixen, to a confident head strong woman, she goes on a journey and changes with it.

It’s the perfect holiday book, cocktail in one hand, Love Me Tinder in the other, sex, dates and disaster. It’s a great romcom, or if you’re like me and all you can do is dream of that holiday in the sun, grab a glass of wine and a cheeky bar of chocolate and dive right into Cali’s very complicated love life.

It’s a good, easy read that’s makes you feel that little bit better about any of your dating disasters, because Cali Summers, she goes through it all!

So if you want fun, romance, drama, and a bit of naughtiness, with a badly behaved parrot thrown in, then this is the book for you! 

Happy reading! 


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Throw out your label maker! 

Why do people still need to explain why they are living the way they are? 

Why do we feel the need to label everything? 

Gay, lesbian, transsexual, bisexual the list goes on, but to me? I don't care. 

Are you good person? Do you treat people with respect? Can I trust you? That's what's important, your "label" makes no difference to me. 

Why are there so many rules?? 

Why can't we be left to do what makes us happy without judgement?? 

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