Grace Sheldrick Jewellery – Her Past, present and very shiny future! 


Grace Sheldrick is an up and coming jewellery designer, with a love for silver work and embroidery, her unique style of mixing the two, as well as casting keepsakes, makes her a name to look out for. 

From her embroidery to jewellery, everything is made with a passion for the unique, no item is the same.

When asked why she wanted to start making jewellery, Grace's answer is funny yet honest "I like shiny things, I'm a magpie!" She also went on to say "I want to try and make things unique, I like to think that they are one of a kind".

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Half a Sixpence will warm the cockles of your heart! 💗 

I kept seeing posters for this musical and I kept telling myself "I will go see this one, I will go see this one" 

Then out of the blue I got a text from a friend (, she had been asked to do a review and it came with a plus one!

Would I like to go with her?

I didn't even need to think about it! 

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2 become 1 – Kings Head Theatre

First of all, I have to start by saying the Kings Head Theatre, it's a pub, it's a theatre, it's pub/theatre! 

Yes you read that right, this amazing venue is a pub up front but all theatre in the back. 

Seriously go check it out!

Now back to the show………

Fabulous, fun and flirty! 

These are the 3 words I would use to describe this show, I laughed, I danced, I sang, by the end of the show I was on a high, a big fat 90's girl power high.

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