Anxiety Girl by Lacey London 

As soon as I saw the title I knew I wanted to read "Anxiety Girl".

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I was intrigued to read the story, to see if I could relate. I wanted to see if the writer could capture what it is truly like living with anxiety………..

About the book

After suffering a few setbacks in her personal and professional life, Sadie starts to suffer from panic attacks. She never thought it would happen to her. 

Of course they can strike at anytime to anyone, but Sadie did not want to accept this, she did not want to accept that this was happening to her.

We meet Sadie's friends, who have zero respect or understanding of mental health, I seriously just wanted Sadie to tell them where to go, I got very angry with this group of girls, Piper, Zara and Ivy. Unfortunately, these kinds of people do exist but luckily so do people like her best friend Aldo, who is her rock, who is there to get her through. 

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Letters to Eloise by Emily Williams 

A Heart warming, heart breaking, emotional rollercoaster!

As soon as Flora learns she is pregnant she starts to write, she decides that from that moment she needs to write letters to her unborn child. 

What makes her do this?…………….

I'm not telling, you will have to read the book but in the meantime I will talk about what happens in-between!

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