The snake who baked a cake written by S.Afrough & S.Hough

When the opportunity to review a children's book came up I thought why not?
I have a lot of friends with a lot of children as well as being a big kid at heart myself.
So I thought it would be nice to do a review based on someone else's thoughts, especially a child because they are always honest.

My lovely friend Becky kindly offered her daughter Scarlet to be my guinea pig for "The snake who baked a cake"
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Pluto – Cockpit Theatre

Walking into the Cockpit Theatre there is music playing in the bar, people are chatting, a nice atmosphere, you greeted by friendly bar staff, it's a good start.

We are called in…….

It's a small venue, intimate but not claustrophobic, the set is simple but enough to know where we are.

The play starts………..

Enter Pluto (Liam Joseph) incredibly excited to be having a party to celebrate news from NASA, only to find that no one but best friend Charon (Charlotte Price) has turned up, the letter from NASA? Well it's definitely not something to celebrate.
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