The Sword and the Dope – Waterloo East Theatre

Now politics is not my strong point, I try to keep up to date but most of the time, if I'm honest, it goes over my head.

So that meant that I didn't always understand what was happening in the show but it was such ridiculous fun, that it didn't really matter, you get the gist and that's all you need.

There is laughs, songs and over acting.
It's a great way to make light of current situations.
It's a perfect break from reality.

If you like over the top, silly humour mixed with singing and dancing then this is definitely for you.

I laughed, I gasped and I throughly enjoyed myself. Even if I didn't always understand the politics of it.

I will say that I found it a little long, but all in all it's worth a watch.

Who doesn't like to take the mick out of politicians!

With what's going on in our country in at the moment, you have got to laugh or else I think we would all cry.

This is a great escape.
I feel it won't be for everyone as it is quite over the top and silly, you definitely need to be a fan of OTT comedy.

I have to mention three actors who stood out for me:

Jack Harding as King Arthur.
Dan Cavendish as Percival
Affton Fay as Merlot

They had great stage presence and captured the audience well, they were funny and engaging with great comedy timing.

The narrators of the show (Allan Scott Douglas & Niall Thorpe) also had good chemistry, they bounced off of each other, they kept the show flowing from scene to scene. They helped us as an audience to not get lost in where we were (there was a lot going on).

It's fun, silly and ridiculous!
A breath of fresh air in the serious world in which we live.

The Sword and the Dope is showing at Waterloo East Theatre from 5th – 30th September

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