Living in the past by Jane Lovering

Beautiful, wonderful, everything I could want in a book.

I loved the characters, the story telling, the romance and the time travel.

It wasn’t confusing, I find that sometimes no matter how hard a writer tries, when it comes to time travel it can get messy.

Not this book, it was easy to read, easy to follow and the characters were easy to love.

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“Make way for Prince Ali!” My review of Aladdin the Musical, London

Through London Box Office, I got given the wonderful opportunity to see/review Aladdin the musical.

Aladdin is my favourite Disney film (Aladdin was my Disney crush as a child) so to say I was excited is a total understatement.

How could I not go for it!

Was it all I hoped for? You will have to keep reading to find out.

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Boat people – Interview with writer Emma Park

When I was unable to watch a performance of Emma Park ‘Boat people‘ at The Pentameters theatre in Hampstead, I was a little disappointed.

I had read the plot that had been sent over and I was intrigued.


In the High Court of Justice, Captain Papangelos, Greek master of a cargo ship, is called as a witness over his decision, without the permission of his shipowners, to change course from a routine voyage to rescue a boatload of migrants trying to make their way to Europe. The trial develops into a battle of wits and clash of personalities between the Captain and Miss Featherstone QC – the barrister cross-examining him –, who seeks to show, by every means possible, that he should have left the ‘boat people’ where they were.

I enjoy court room dramas, I like the tension and emotions it can create, the fact that ‘Boat people‘ was based on a true story only made me want to know more.

I like to learn things that I didn’t know before. That’s what’s great about theatre, it can open up your mind.

So when I realised I couldn’t make any of the performances, I contacted Emma to see if she would like to do an interview for my blog instead.

Emma agreed and was soon sending over the script.

The interview follows below:

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Gris Et Blanc – shabby chic and wonderful

Gris Et Blanc is a French inspired store that sells furniture, home accessories and women’s clothing.

It’s a lifestyle store for you and your home.

It’s sits in the lovely market town of Steyning, with a cream tea shop down one end and a fantastically mystical alley of shops in the other.

So when I got given the chance to go and see this exciting new store for myself I couldn’t wait.

With a stunning view of the South Downs it’s the perfect place for this French chic inspired shop.

Run by Jo, Gris Et Blanc sells everything you could want for your home and you.

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Hiding by Jenny Morton Potts

I have mixed feelings about this book, sometimes I liked it, sometimes I didn’t and sometimes I was confused.

That doesn’t mean it’s not a good book, it has potential to be a great psychological thriller but doesn’t quite do it for me.

I found the timeline hard to follow, especially when the author kept changing between the two main characters.

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