The Lovers by J.D Bretton

When author J.D Bretton asked me to review the 3rd book of his Tarot trilogy I did not hesitate, I really liked the first two and I wanted to know the ending to the love story I had been following.

Danielle has moved abroad in the hope of leaving her past behind, she has a new love in the shape of Sawyer but something was still not quite right, she was trying to start new by running away from her but you can’t run forever.

A dark and mysterious man enters Danielle’s life, he has a strange familiarity about him but it can’t be can it?

He’s called Noah but looks strangely familiar……..

This is a love story with a twist and you really do need an open mind and have a liking for the supernatural.

I found the ending to be a little to happily ever after for me and it was all over to quick, just as I was getting into the story and where it was going, it was over.

If your after a supernatural love story that doesn’t take to much time to read then the Tarot trilogy is for you.

JD. Bretton is a lovely story teller but I just wanted that little bit more.

As always my opinions are my own and I always recommend you see for yourself.

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