Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll



Book 2 in my 12 months of reading is Emma Carroll The Secrets of a Sun King.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was an easy read with lot’s of adventure. As the guy in Waterstones told me its a good old-fashioned adventure story and that it is.

Yes it’s probably aimed at the younger audience but I don’t care, I’m not one of these people who worry about what age a book is aimed at. If I like the sound of the story then I’m going to give it a go.

Harry Potter and Twilight are possibly 2 of my favorite series of books and I don’t think you can say they are specifically aimed at adults. Anyway I digress, this book is not to be taken too seriously. it’s about 3 kids taking a cursed canopic Jar back to the resting place of King Tutankhamun to rescue Lil’s granddad from the curse. They have to find the final resting place of the Pharaoh before it’s too late and without anyone catching them especially Howard Carter who is looking for the tomb himself but saying that it is a great story about friendship, family and adventure.

I had to tell my adult voice to be quiet on a few occasions when it was trying to tell me that would never happen or don’t be silly, they could never have done that. You need to let yourself get lost in the fun of it all and isn’t that what books are for?

I loved all the characters and I especially loved the story throughout the book where don’t just follow Lil’s adventures but we learn about King Tutankhamun (Kyky) and his friends Lysandra and Maya.

There are some historical facts in the book that the author states in back. For instance it is documented that King Tutankhamun heart is actually missing (this is the focal point of the story) which I did not know, I like that she clarifies the fact from the fiction and that I have learnt something new.

I also like that her main character Lil (Lilian Kaye) is actually named after a real little girl Ella Lily Kaye, her mum won a bid at a charity auction for Grenfell to have a character named after her. How wonderful is that? A great way to raise money for an amazing cause but also a great way to make reading exciting for children.

I do recommend this book to be read as it’s just a wonderful adventure story that is well written and filled with mystery, it’s even better if you love anything to do with ancient Egypt and I would go so far as to say it would probably make quite a good adventure film.

As always let me know your opinion if you have read this book I always like to know.

Now to decide which book to read next in my 12 months of reading journey!



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