Star in the Shadows

I’ve been taking some time off from reviewing lately as I just couldn’t seem to be able to read (not good for a reviewer of books).

I love reading and I love books, I love that they can take you away into different worlds and forget the real one for a little while, so to loose the ability to read made me sad and frustrated.

Then I received an email from the lovely Helen Buckley, asking me to review her book Star in the Shadows. There was no pressure, no deadline, just whenever I could.

I thought, why not!

So without the pressure of a deadline I felt comfortable enough to give reviewing and blogging another go.

So without further ado, here we go!

Helen Buckley – Star in the Shadows

In short, I loved it. It’s a very real down to earth story that has a sweet romance flowing through that doesn’t over take the whole book, it allows all the characters to breathe and the storyline to come alive.

Every character has their own part to play in the story, each as important as the other. But the main character is a girl named Kiara and that’s who’s story we follow.

Kiara has a rough childhood but she finds comfort in the Jacobs family. They take her in, show her love and what it’s like to be a family, but there is no escaping her own thoughts and emotions or her father, who betrays her in the worse way imaginable.

Thinking that the only way out is to run away, she leaves everything and everyone behind. Not realising that by trying to escape she breaks the hearts of the family who loved her the most. Leaving questions and blame hanging in the air.

But even though she thinks she has escaped, she is still trapped by her own mind.

I loved that this book focuses on mental health and the effect it has not only on that person but those around them. It is well written. It’s believable and frustrating all at the same time. You want to scream at Kiara, to just talk, open up, contact the Jacobs.

That to me is a sign of good writing, you go on this rollercoaster ride with her, you care about her and the family she leaves behind. You want it all to be okay. I also like that there is no quick fix, no magic potion and poof suddenly everything is fine. I love that it is a journey and we get to go along with it.

Kiara felt so lonely, felt like she couldn’t turn to ones who loved her most because of the shame, when in reality all the family wanted to do was help.

The ending is believable and so are the characters.

Helen is a very good writer, she gets you to believe in the characters and to connect, it also shows great writing that you can tackle something like mental health and have it be believable.

If you would like to read Star in the shadows click the link is below:

You can also find Helen on Instagram and Twitter.


Twitter – @HelenCbuckley

Or check out her Blog here:

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